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University of Richmond - Business Affairs


The Business Affairs Division conducts the business of the University within a framework of exemplary business practices and in ways that consistently enhance the educational experience of our students and advance the reputation of the University.

Campus Services
Financial Planning and Budget
Human Resources
Internal Audit
Public Safety
Spider Management
Office for Sustainability
University Facilities


University of Richmond's executive chef offers holiday cooking tips
Few things represent the holidays more than food, but there is no need to stress about getting dishes on the table. University of Richmond’s executive chef M. Glenn Pruden offers five cooking and food safety tips to help you survive the holiday season.
UR Fishing Tournament brings Retiree back year after year
Every year, the annual University of Richmond fishing tournament brings new memories, a new beloved fishing themed promo gift, and, perhaps most importantly, new award recipients.
University of Richmond Selected as 'Great College to Work For'
UR selected as 'Great College to Work For' for the first time.
University of Richmond chefs win silver medal at culinary competition
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2015 Service Awards Recipients
Each year, the University recognizes four individual staff members who have stood out throughout the year. Meet this year's recipients.
2015 Service Awards Recipients
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University of Richmond hires its first sustainability director
University of Richmond has hired its first Director of Sustainability, Rob Andrejewski.
The Brunt Behind the Beauty
It’s no secret that UR is known for its beauty. From the overflowing beds of red and white tulips to the nearly spotless grounds, “beautiful campus” hardly does it justice.
Green Offices
Several offices across campus are starting to think green thanks to a new program that invites staff to be part of the University’s sustainability efforts.
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